Author Topic: ImageMount v1.4 & DiskImageGui v1.7 released  (Read 1626 times)

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ImageMount v1.4 & DiskImageGui v1.7 released
« on: April 02, 2019, 10:22:39 PM »
Version 1.4 of ImageMount and version 1.7 of DiskImageGui has been released.

ImageMount is a requester driven script which allows you to mount ADF, ISO and HDF image files in a really easy way with only a few mouse clicks, and you can then treat the virtual devices  like any other storage  device  (copy, delete, rename files etc.). It works on any Amiga with KS 2.04 or higher, but requires minimum version 38.21 of the Mount command  (included in WB2.1).  ImageMount uses filedisk.device for mounting virtual devices.

DiskImage is a concept that allows the user to mount any disk image file as a DOS device. But with the included DiskImageGui script, this is limited to ADF  floppy images, ISO CD-ROM images and HDF harddisk images only. When a virtual device is mounted, and a image file is  "inserted",  the user will be able to copy files from/to the image, and it may also be possible to delete files from the image as well.  Basically,  almost everything  that can be done with real devices can also be done with the virtual devices too. One important thing to have in mind regarding HDF image files,  is that they must have been made by using the defaults in WinUAE, this means a block size of 512 and a BlocksPerTrack value of 32.

Direct Download link for ImageMount
Direct Download link for DiskImageGui