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SAE - Scripted Amiga Emulator v0.9.10


Rupert Hausberger has released v0.9.10 of his Scripted Amiga Emulator.

New since the last version:


* Fixed wrong $A80000-memory-access in combination with extended-roms > 1mb. (Thanks 'Vesuri' for commit).
* Updated AROS-ROMs to actual version SVN55696.Disk

* Fixed bug in DMS decompression with DEEP Compression (Thanks 'steffest' for commit).Video

* Added support for the 'fullscreen-API'. There is a new api-function called sae.screen() and the new hook-function
config.hooks.event.screened(). All browsers should support that. See the examples.
* The mouse-pointer can now be hidden or locked via the 'pointerLock-API'.
* The feature is enabled by default. All browsers should support that. See 'Config/Video/Cursor'.
* A canvas-element can now used directly as output. See example2.htm.Audio

* Fixed wrong/multiple audio-channel selection at the ADKCON-register. (Thanks 'Vesuri' for commit).
* Added mute-support over sae.mute().Ports

* Added experimental support for the 'Gamepad API'. It is disabled by default. Go to 'Config/Ports' to enable it. (Thanks to 'SpliFF' for the basic implementation).
* Better handling of buttons and movement. No input-events get lost and also the 3rd mouse-button is now dectected.
* Added emualtion of various protection-dongles.
* Finished support for direct-serial communication and added hooks. See the examples.
* Added support for direct-parallel communication and hooks. Also see the examples.
* Removed the 'Enable Serial'-checkbox from 'Config/Ports'. Does not made much sense without hooks.Config

* Added hooks that get called after the emulator has been started, stopped, reseted, paused or fullscreened.
* Fixed invalid access of the config-object. (Thanks 'db48x' for commit).Common

* Removed Google-Analytics. Sorry for the molestation.
* Added an error if a ZIP-file get detected. Compressed files are not yet supported.
* Fixed Object.prototype.clone() to a custom function to be compatible with 'jQuery'. (Thanks 'Vesuri' for commit).
* The patch-version-number has now a 2nd digit and starting at 10.
The Scripted Amiga Emulator is open source and can be found on GitHub.


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