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Amis Cope - by Satori

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Satori have released their first Amiga production called Amis Cope. The demo reached first place in the Amiga Demo compo at Demobit 2019. The group is the first one to take advantage of the newly released Haujobb Amiga Framework.

Direct Download link or check it out on YouTube.

A little short and too grey for me ...

Gonna have to agree there, not my taste either but a good first attempt to create an Amiga production.

Yeah lets hope they make more, less experimental plz :)


--- Quote from: kriz on February 11, 2019, 12:45:21 PM ---Yeah lets hope they make more, less experimental plz :)

--- End quote ---

What you call experimental is the style these guys do ;). It might not be to your or even my taste but i am at least happy they take the time to do it on Amiga :).


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