Author Topic: The Kiwi's Tale CD32/AGA & Experimental OCS/ECS  (Read 1281 times)

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The Kiwi's Tale CD32/AGA & Experimental OCS/ECS
« on: December 25, 2018, 02:57:30 PM »
Erik Hogan has created a fan-sequel to The New Zealand story. Some of you may know Hogan as the developer behind the (not yet released) Amiga AGA game AlarCity.

The Game features:

- Chaotic 50hz action and smooth 8 way scrolling across massive levels
- 15 stages
- 2 weapons
- 3 flyable vehicles
- 8 enemies
- 2 bosses
- Two player option - second controller moves vehicles
- CD Audio
- Support for 1 button, 2 button and CD32 controllers
- Hidden B-Side game on disc
- 100% free, now and forever

- Shoot: Button 1
- Jump: Button 2 (Up on one button stick)
- Jump off vehicle: Button 2 (HOLD fire and then TAP up if you only have one button joystick)
- Pause: P or Play on CD32 pad
- Quit: Escape or Forward+Reverse on CD32 pad

- Hold down Space or Green button during the map for a couple of seconds to unlock all levels.



Experimental OCS/ECS version


From the author:

- 2MB of Chipram is an absolute requirement.
- The game is unplayable on an 68000, at least an 020/030 or some form of accelerated machine is a requirement (it should work beautifully on a Vampire). It won't stop you from trying however!
- The screen border on some levels isn't pitch black. This isn't an issue on ECS machines.
- Projectiles aren't quite as smooth as on the AGA version, even on an accelerated machine, due to the AGA version's use of wide sprites. To be honest I don't think this is a huge drawback.
- Not as tested as the AGA version.

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Re: The Kiwi's Tale CD32/AGA & Experimental OCS/ECS
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 02:34:54 PM »
The game has been updated at least once since the first release back in 2018. One of the new features is the second player 'support' mode, where player two can jump in with a second joystick at any time to:
  • Provide support sniper fire
  • Remotely take over and control vehicles, even when the Kiwi is not a rider
Check out the authors webpage for more information and to download the latest version.