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I am opening a topic on vAmiga here, having seen very few mentions of this emulator on the Interwebs:

I found this emulator when I acquired a Mac M1 (the new Apple models with OS X on ARM64) and I was searching for an alternative emulator, as I was not really enthusiastic about the GUI of FS-UAE.

vAmiga has just been released in v1.0, it was in beta until then, but quite stable already. It emulates the OCS machines only, but a lot of work was done on the emulation accuracy, which may be approaching that of UAE.

A significant number of visual debugging features are also available, such as memory usage, DMA channels, and so on ( it' s really close to the visual debugger of WinUAE, almost more user-friendly):

The performances are pretty good (especially for a laptop ARM host machine) and the graphical rendering can be tweaked with the help of filters, for a more vintage vibe:

which gives this kind of result ( you either like it or not, but it must have been some hard work to get there) :

So here are my first impressions about this new emulator, that I wanted to share, to encourage all these cool projects around our beloved machine :)


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