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Title: Report, Pixel Heaven 2019
Post by: m0ns00n on May 19, 2019, 05:17:36 PM
As you all ought to know by now, Friend Software Corp. is an Amiga related company that employs several ex/current Amiga enthusiasts. I have myself been active in the Amiga demo scene since I was a teenager, and have had the pleasure of meeting many great Amiga celebrities over the years. Especially through the company I founded. It has always impressed me how the Amiga insiders were so easily approachable. And I think they are part of the reason why the community has been so accessible.

One of Friend's chief engineers is Pawel Stefanski, known to the community as stefkos. He resides in Warsaw, Poland. For several years, we've had the pleasure of meeting his friends and contacts in this amazing city.

Many of Pawel's friends are active in the "retro" scene in Poland - a particularly warm hotspot of the computing/demo scene in Europe. One of them, Robert "Lapusz" Lapinski organizes Pixel Heaven, a great retro event that host visitors from all over the world.

This is the second year I have attended the event, which also offers a display of indie games and companies. It is with great pleasure that I was given a chance to present my project on stage, the Friend OS, to a sizable audience there. Of course, Friend was not the main attraction, but it was motivating to experience the feedback afterwards. It was lovely, and lots of people offered to help advance our OS and ecosystem.

Pixel Heaven is a large convention, with two indoor spaces and a large outdoor area with kiosks, tents and snack-bars. Inside, computing history is celebrated, and consoles as well as home computers from the late 70s till the mid 90s were on display. The amount of unique machines were impressive, and I saw several systems I hadn't seen before in person.

In between panel debates and speeches, visitors mass and mingle between old hardware, modern posters for new game releases and nostalgic "old-school" T-shirts and merchandise. The event was on the entire weekend, and each night, a couple of us came together and shared stories and ideas, bonding and building ties to each other and each other's projects.

Friend shared a stand with David Pleasance, here presenting his book, "Commodore: the Inside Story", and Steven Fletcher, presenting his documentary (and book) "the Commodore Story". Steven is also shooting a new documentary. Please google him for more information.

Commodore Amiga was heavily represented at the event, with blue-ray documentaries, memorabilia, computers and games on display, available to buy and test.

Many retro-geeks have transitioned into the indie scene, and several indie game companies were represented. These were offering games on PC or web. The amount of creativity and passion was infectious. Several companies offered VR experiences and a chance to test games on ultra-wide screen HD displays.

Francois Lionet was presenting his AMOS 2 programming language which is getting a fantastic update while allowing developers to port their old games to Javascript. AMOS 2 is going to be amazing once it is completed, as it is going to include features only found in modern languages for the first time.

All in all, the event was a great success, with plenty of people attending and lots of money changing hands between merchants and eager buyers.

I will definately be back in 2020. These events are becoming the backbone of the reinvigoration of the Amiga community, as well as for other systems and enthusiasts. Things are really moving in the Amiga world at the moment, and lots of people are spending quality time advancing the community. But you gotta be there or be square, as they say, so be sure to check out the next party where you can!

Please visit for more information on Pixel Heaven.

Title: Re: Report, Pixel Heaven 2019
Post by: kriz on May 23, 2019, 09:18:18 AM
Nice report M0ns00n, go Friend go !!
Title: Re: Report, Pixel Heaven 2019
Post by: m0ns00n on May 24, 2019, 09:28:36 PM
Thanks! Working on huge things, and people are finally realizing that we're not going away. The next chapter in the TRIPOS/Amiga OS story is being written right now :-)