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Title: Celtic Heart released
Post by: 4pLaY on March 04, 2019, 07:42:34 PM
The new Amiga game Celtic Heart has been released, the programmer has also released the full source code.

From the programmer on the game itself:

I want to express that this game was just an internal test project and is neither as polished as Trap Runner ( nor will there ever be a physical release of it. Gameplay is a bit underdeveloped.

The minimum requirements are: 68000, 7MHz, OCS, 1MB (512K Chip are sufficient), Kickstart 1.2.

From the programmer on the sources:

It includes sources texts, graphics, music, tools, etc.

As usual for my games, the build process should be portable, so you can build it on many different host systems. Initially the only dependency is a working ISO-C99 compiler. The rest can be built from source.

Other tools needed (build from source):
And the AmigaOS NDK 3.x assembler include files would be good to have. Makefile uses vbcc and Makefile.unix uses gcc to build the tools. The only variable you might have to change in your Makefile is ASINC, which defines the path to your AmigaOS assembler includes.

Get the game (
Get the full source ( code.