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Bomb Jack Beer Edition
« on: November 10, 2018, 06:40:57 PM »
Graeme Cowie & Simone Bernacchia created a home brew conversion of the Arcade version of Bomb Jack earlier this year, called Bomb Jack Beer Edition. The game is written from scratch in 68K assembly language.

Some known bugs:

* A lit bomb sometimes appears in top left of the screen.
* Using accelerator cards are known to freeze the game (don't know why)
* Getting killed and getting a bomb will skip the next round
* You can't remove initials when entering your name in the hi-score
* You may experience odd graphics glitches here and there
* Enemies don't behave exactly like the arcade
* Other things..

A final was released recently which you can get here. The authors have also been kind enough to release the source code which you can get get here.
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