Author Topic: Tiny little Slug released  (Read 1113 times)

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Tiny little Slug released
« on: March 15, 2020, 04:33:00 PM »
Tiny little Slug has been released by APC&TCP.

Tiny little Slug is released today for the Amiga and can now be ordered in the Online Shop at APC&TCP.

This Classic Amiga game is available either on CD, floppy disks or as a download file. A basic Amiga 500 is sufficient to enjoy playing it, though more expanded 68k Amiga systems or a CD32 are also supported.

Climb like a snail on walls and ceilings to find the strawberry. As well as the standard difficulty level there's also a slightly easier playing option. For true snail veterans you can play in 'Salty' mode. The game is based on the Metroidvania genre. Find artifacts in four thematically diverse worlds and gain new skills to overcome obstacles.

However, Tiny Little Slug takes a different approach to its opponents, as you can't harm them, so you have to work out how to outwit them. Three big end bosses are waiting for you. Redirect their own power against them.

Tiny Little Slug even has its own homepage which can be accessed at The game supports storing high scores on floppy disk, on the NVRAM of the CD32, on your hard disk and also online.

Compete with other players worldwide.

Tiny Little Slug was created by André Zeps, XplrA and Thomas Boisse and is released worldwide through APC&TCP.