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TerribleFire 1260 and TerribleFire 360


New 060 accelerators are nearing a public release. The TerribleFire 1260 is a new 060 accelerator coming for the Amiga 1200 and the TerribleFire 360 is a 060 accelerator coming to the Amiga CD32.

I had some words with one of the guys working on these (Chucky) and he gave me the OK to release a bit of information about the cards.

- With the beta boards one should be able to overclock it to 75/80mhz using the latest rev6 060 but they are working on getting it higher, the main developer has gotten it up to 100 sometimes.
- You can set the clock speed with a CLI command.
- The card does NOT support using a 040 CPU as a "downgrade" option.
- There is no set release date yet but they hope to get it out to the "masses" in 1Q 2020.
- There is no set price yet but he guessed at a 150/200 euro price tag without the CPU. Price for CPU differs, depending on the rev you would get with the most expensive being the rev6 at around 150 euro.

Be sure to check out Chucky`s latest YouTube video where he shows and talks about the cards.

End of all TF (Amiga) projects.


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