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RedPill - The Amiga Game Creator
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:08:21 PM »
RedPill v0.6.8 has been released. Get it here.

v0.6.8 news and changes:
-About and Settings sections have been merged in Settings.
-New Project now asks for confirmation.
-Only used gameobjects are saved, decreasing the size of the .pill file significantly.
-New cursor design
-Added a Clear Map button to clear the current map.
-In Level menu, you can specify the exits of the map in the 4 directions. The exits point to other level numbers, use -1 to assign no exit.
-Added action trigger Keep on Map to avoid an object getting out of map dimensions.
-Added action trigger Check Exits to check current object against map dimensions and it will trigger the change of level.
-Added 4 action triggers Set Exit <X> to modify the level exits.
-Added Impact action trigger to transmit motion impact from one object to the impacted one.
-Flash Object trigger no longer makes the object blink, it stays in the same color for the length of the flash.
-Change between levels has been modified to avoid a frame with incorrect render at the start of the change.
-Added checks to avoid a crash when the system cannot find the tileset file in the project.

Project webpage.

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Re: RedPill - The Amiga Game Creator
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2019, 01:26:33 AM »
A new version has been released, get it from the same link as in the first post.

0.6.10 Changes:
-Scroll routines are more optimal than in previous version/s.
-Condition Timer not Active has been added.
-Now the Save&Load Checkpoint triggers take into account the level, and will reload it in case it is necessary.
-Fix in Mutate To trigger, for some cases it was not keeping the old position coordinates.
-In Animation screen, now you can choose the reference cross to be in the center or in the bottom.
-In Animation screen, the frame was not refreshing after changing start frame, this has been fixed.
-Action triggers added to Set Custom Var 0 and Custom Var 1 of objects using the value of one global var.
-Action triggers added to Increment Custom Var 0 and Custom Var 1 of objects using the value of one global var.
-Now the global REDPILL settings are saved and loaded.
-Change Tile trigger was been reimplemented to be faster.
-In Game Setup screen you can choose if the timers will use real clock or a fixed time (classic Amiga way).
-In HUD when using a bar, the filled bar cannot overflow the maximum anymore
-When an object is grounded will trigger a bottom collision.
-Some minor optimization in objects update.
-Fixed screen shake trigger that was not working in certain situations.