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Native chip set driver for P96
« on: January 19, 2019, 09:06:28 PM »
Thomas Richter, one of the developers behind the new AmigaOS 3.1.4, have released a Native chip set driver for P96, formerly known as Picasso96.

This program provides blitter replacement functions on systems without
a graphics card by means of corresponding CPU blitter functions of the
P96 core library. That is, it redirects the blitter functions to the
CPU, bypassing the native blitter. As such, it provides the same
functionality as FBlit, except that the blitter is emulated through
P96 - which is hopefully more robust.

No graphics card is needed, but a recent version of P96 has to be
installed as well. Configuration of the native graphic modes is still
through the workbench monitor drivers in DEVS:Monitors. There are no
P96 specific monitor drivers needed beyond this program. Blitter
emulation is immediate.

While the functionality of this program is best described as "a video
driver for the native chipset for P96", it is actually quite
primitive.  All it does is to set the environment variable
"Picasso96/DisableAmigaBlitter" to "Yes", and load the "rtg.library",
which is the core library of P96. This is sufficient to enable the CPU
replacement functionalities. The rtg.library does not require a
graphics card for this. As such, the same functionality can also be
realized manually, i.e. by loading the rtg.library by some other
means, and configuring environment variables appropriately.

To use this you will need a newer version of the P96 software then the old Aminet version. To buy the new one you will need to register on iComp GmbH`s webpage first. Then you can choose to buy it for the price you feel it is worth, minimum price is 8 euros.

Download link.
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