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Giants - Braindamage #1 and #2 - 25 years later


oRBIT of Giants has released an AGA fix of their old Braindamage 1 issue.

In his own words:

In 1994 "Giants" released the chipmag "Braindamage #1". Some nice chipmusic + adverts for swappers, sort of. Perhaps nothing that fancy but still, part of Amiga-history.

So, 25 years later I AGA-fixed our own code from the disassembled exefile (original sources lost since many years).
If you're interested in a little bit of history from 1994.

Direct Download link for issue 1.
Direct Download link for issue 2.

oRBIT has now also released a fixed version of issue nr 2, get it in the first post.


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